Tips for Tailgating Success

Don't Go Overboard

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Some of the more rabid fans show up at 11am – for the night game. Pace yourself and be responsible. It’s hard to enjoy the game if you don't make it past the turnstiles. Plus, stadiums now are likely to just throw your ass in the drunk tank if you get out of hand, and if you really cause a scene, you'll get to make friends with the local police. You and your buddies may have just bonded over an awesome tailgate, but are you sure they'll bail you out when the game is on the line?


Zip It Up


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Possibly the most necessary item at your tailgate? A plastic, zip-lok bag. Marinating a steak? It’s in the bag. Leftovers? In the bag. Keep plenty on hand, and you’ll save yourself from plenty of headaches later. You could just throw the leftovers steaks in the cooler, but after a 4-hour game you're going to pop that top and find a nasty melted mess. At least have the decency to preserve your perishables in plastic.


Check Your Baggage At The Door 


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So you think you're gonna keep the party going through gametime by sneaking that bottle of schnapps inside, eh? Clever. However, stadium security is pretty stringent in today’s world, so you may want to think twice before sneaking in that last bottle of suds. Sure, drinks inside are exorbitantly priced, but if the guards find your flask they’ll either confiscate it or tell you to bring it back to your car. Both options are buzz-killers.



Live To Fight Another Day

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On any given Sunday, your team could lay an egg and deliver a stinker of a game. But these guys are pros. They put their blinders on and look ahead to next Sunday’s game. So too should you keep in mind tailgates of the future. Clean up your site and pack any leftovers in bags and put 'em on ice. Remember to put them in the fridge once you get home and not just go darting off to check your fantasy scores. Also, it’s a good call to clean out your vehicle after the game to prevent beer spills and sticky condiments from turning into active cultures.


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